What can I do?

I started out as a game design/graphics student in high school, and in college I studied animation for approximately six months, before finding my true calling at Future Games. At the moment I am studying more game development to further enhance my design skills. Thanks to my my mixed background, I have useful knowledge in many areas, including 3D modeling, animation, scripting, and of course, a big helping of game design.

Who Am I?

Short answer: I am a storyteller.

Long answer: I'm Ellen. A junior narrative designer and writer. I have a special passion for world design and lore design, but really any type of creation regarding narrative can catch my eye. Through the years and projects I have been working on, I have learned to adapt my design skills and writing style to any project out there.

(This is me!)

(These are a few of my favorite books, and the authors who wrote them have been my guiding lights and sources of inspiration throughout my life)

So what am I?

I am a bit of a multitasker when it comes to life. Seems like I always have two, three, or a hundred projects going on at the same time.
My hobbies are varied and endless, but can be summed up in two categories; animals and creating. I have enough animals in my apartment to open up a small urban zoo, and when I'm not at work I spend all my time in my workshop, where I write, sew, do woodworking, smithing, CAD-ing, or jewelry design. All of this when I'm not out in the woods with my dog or on the couch glued to my Nintendo Switch.

(This is my little corgi, Pepsi)

Want to get a hold of me?

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