My writing

These writing samples are examples of my writing skills. I consider myself a flexible writer and I love a challenge. Give them a read if you want to see what I can do.

(If you can't open up the documents, refresh the page and it should work) 

Game development-related writing

A quest chain I wrote for the game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is an example of content I would like to see added to an existing game. I focused primarily on making the quest fit seamlessly into the game style.

This is a character written for Slime Rancher by Monomi Park. I have designed two different versions of her, one deep and fleshed out, one shallow and brief, to showcase my ability to adapt my writing depending on what is needed for the project. 

This is an interactable scene made for The Walking Dead Game by Telltale.  It is a Twine game and can be downloaded by clicking on the image or here: 

A cinematic scene between two botanists on an outer-worldly base, fit for a sci-fi game. The player will observe the scene from afar and it will act as an exposition piece. I focused primarily on creating a natural flowing dialogue.

A new character and a table of barks for them made to fit an already existing IP, in this case, Overwatch

Creative writing samples

This is a sample out of a longer story called The Silent Voices. It is a story about two characters with an unusual connection, on a mission to save a loved one.