My writing

These writing samples are examples of my writing skills. I consider myself a flexible writer and I love a challenge. Give them a read if you want to see what I can do.

(If you can't open up the documents, refresh the page and it should work) 

This is a quest chain I wrote for the game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, as an example of content I would like to see added into an existing game. I focused primarily on making the quest fit seamlessly into the game style.

This is Into The Depths. A short story about summer dreams. With this one I focused

a lot on descriptive language,

told through a dreamy and magical lens.  

This is a sample out of a longer story called The Silent Voices. It is a story about two characters with an unusual connection, on a mission to save a loved one.  


Here is some poetry I have written during my spare time.